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MW Builders Participates in Crayons to CAD Program

Members of the MW Builders' Kansas City office recently helped out at the National Institute for Construction Excellence (NICE) iBuild Showcase. Natalya Steinke, Brennon Dorrance, Matt Brooks, Kaleb Fehlman, Bob Lehman, and Josh Ellis served as judges for the Crayons to CAD program. 

Crayons to CAD is an interactive, standards-based, middle school grade specific curriculum, which introduces students to the built environment as they construct “green” schools, or new baseball fields, parks and community centers. Math, Science, technology, engineering, and communications are heavily embedded in the interactive, project-based program. The experience culminates in a design-build competition showcased at NICE’s annual iBuild Showcase.

The iBuild Showcase is an annual exposition and one of the major events which brings students together for an opportunity to actively connect with industry professionals. Students learn how they might choose their fields of endeavor. This program demonstrates the wide array of careers that are connected to the construction industry. These include skilled craftsmen, architects, engineers, CAD technicians, marketing, accounting, construction managers, just to name a few.​

These opportunities to help better the lives of those in our communities. We’re proud of to partner with organizations that help facilitate the education of our area youth.


Release Date: 
Monday, May 7, 2018